Eric Bailly is getting better at English

Eric Bailly is getting better at English slowly and steadily as he says himself.

As per Bailly, he is not uncomfortable even now as some of his Man U colleagues know the French language which he knows as well. So, with the help of those guys, he is able to stay connected with everyone so far.

But, he knows he can’t do without English if he has to be in the Premiership for a long time. So, he has joined a coaching institute as his coach had suggested to him and the lessons in the institute are benefitting him already.

Bailly was quoted as saying, “I can communicate with a couple of boys in French and they are getting me to gel in the squad. I am working on my English as well and in some time hopefully, my English will be good enough for communication.”

“United is like a dream for everyone in Football, for me too. I have felt thoroughly welcomed, so much warmth here.”
“I will grab this opportunity. This is a great opportunity.”

One of the partners of Bailly in the backline of Red Devils is Daley Blind and he is of the opinion that communicating on the ground is vital for the defenders, but, because of Bailey’s inability, the two gesture each other regarding what they want or what they are doing and it’s working for them.

In Blind’s words, “You want to communicate with your partner, but, in Eric’s case, due to language problem, communicating verbally is not that easy. However, since the two of us belong to the same trade, we are able to send our message to the other through gestures as well and we are managing pretty well up to this point.”