If somebody, who has not watched the English Football with that much attention of late, has been told that Manchester United has lost only 1 game in the Premier League in the last 4 months, he would think that the Red Devils are back to their lethal best under Louis Van Gaal.

But, it’s quite far from reality. The Red Devils might not be losing games or dropping points as frequently as they were doing the previous season, but, they are not making any progress either. They have, in fact, started playing defensive brand of Football now for which they are not known for.

They have always believed in playing the game along the pitch and that’s why they have been so exciting to watch, but, it seems Van Gaal is taking them on some other track. The tactic of long ball that the Manchester United manager implied versus West Ham United would have really disappointed some die hard club fans.

Yes, it’s important to ensure that you don’t lose, (just ask the punters at www.irishfreebet.com whether it matters whwther they win or not!) but, you can’t be relying on long balls to stay competitive with the opposition, definitely not if you are Manchester United.

That tactic worked though as the Red Devils got themselves back in the game and eventually got a point too, but, they must not have been playing for that one solitary point or were they? The answer would be no. Manchester United always plays to win, then, why to go for so many long balls?

Does Van Gaal not trust the skills of his players? If that’s the case, it’s not good. Attacking Football is United’s identity and they should play that way only. They have never been a long ball team and they should not try to become one either.