Football Stars and their Cars

We all know that footballers get paid a great deal for their work on the pitch, and plenty off the pitch with sponsorship deals and the like. Thus, it comes as no surprise that when they’re earning three times the average person’s yearly salary in one week, star footballers know how to splash the cash.

You’ll be green with envy to know that most – if not all – of the footballers on this infographic below have got more than one car to play with. This infographic shows some of the best ones they’ve got in their garages – and they’re nothing short of pretty.

If you’re thinking of splashing out on one of these beautiful machines, you’ll need to start saving. Even the cheapest car on this list, owned by Thierry Henry, costs £60,000. And for the most expensive? You’ll need to save up more than a million to be able to own Ronaldo’s Bugatti Veyron.