Keane can never forgive Ferguson

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has accepted that he will never have the same kind of relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson because he would never forgive him. Ferguson is regarded as one of the most successful managers of all time, but he would have Roy Keane to thank for many of his successes. The combative midfielder played a huge role in the title winning teams of United between 1995 and 2005. However, his exit from United came in acrimonious circumstances after he fell out with Ferguson during the end of his time.

In a recently published autobiography, Keane has come out with the complete details about the fallout that led to his United exit. He also reckons that his former Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough was much better manager than Ferguson since he was great at dealing with different individuals. He reckons that Ferguson is nothing but a manager focused on winning matches and not about the mentality of the players. The duo have been at loggerheads for the last few years, but this is the most stunning attack from Keane. He is yet to get a response from Ferguson, who has been in retirement for the last few years.

The 43-year-old, Keane, is currently working as the assistant manager at Aston Villa. “The problem I had, is that when you hope you have known someone for some time, it’s afterwards when people start coming out with all sorts of nonsense. When you think what he made out of it, millions of pounds, statues, and standing. But to criticise people who have earned him success….would I forgive him? I don’t know. If we cross paths. I’m sure we will….cross paths, that is. Lots of stuff I let go, but eventually you have to go, enough is enough. You have to defend yourself,” said Keane.