Manchester United Have Changed the Attitude and Style of Football, claimsJosé Mourinho

José Mourinho has admitted that he has drastically changed his style of football in order to satisfy the requirements of a club like Manchester United.

Known as a pragmatic manager, Mourinho has often placed a victory more than the style of the game. This has often led to many supporters being left treated with dour action at much of his previous clubs like Chelsea and Inter Milan. Mourinho made the first obvious change to attractive football when he took over at Real Madrid a few years ago.

Now, the Portuguese is once again requested to offer entertaining football as he is in charge of Manchester United – a club with great tradition when it comes to playingin a certain style. Since taking over from Louis van Gaal in the summer, Mourinho immediately set the target of winning the league and other multiple trophies.

He was seen as the manager would finally bring success back to Old Trafford. Success may eventually arrive but the start to his United career has been extremely tough. United have taken 21 points from the opening 14 matches, and the tally is lower than the achievements of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

United have been involved in six draws – the most of any team apart from Spurs and Middlesbrough – in the Premier League.”I’m very happy with the evolution of the team, I’m very happy with the difference between the team I got handed and the team that is playing now.I find [United’s position] unfair, I find that we should have much more points than we have.You look at the table, it looks like other teams are better than us, when in my opinion this is not true.So many draws we deserve victories, if you transform these draws to wins we would be very close the top of the league,” said Mourinho.