Speaking to MUTV and in the post match conference after his team drew points with Liverpool at Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho claims his ward did not get the result they fought for in the encounter.

“The result is not the result we wanted, but it is a result we have to accept. We were the team with the chances in the first half but they were the team who scored with the penalty then in the second half, we dominated them and had more chances, but they defended well and tried to smell the possibility of a counter-attack.

“It was a very emotional game and I believe both set of players were very tired because they gave everything. But I think Manchester United can play better than we did and I also think Liverpool can play better. So the game was below the quality of both teams, but in terms of a proper Premier League match and a derby, it had a lot for people to enjoy.”

The former Real Madrid manager said even as they were losing the game, he was looking to the left as he had a problem with his neck. He said the team changed their approach to the game, that playing a more “direct” attack helped them against Liverpool.

Mourinho said the Reds team had too many player behind the ball but that the pressure his team put on them helped them get the result they later had. Mourinho said towards the end of the game the pressure they put on their hosts almost helped them turn the deficit in their favour.

“Our team was so strong mentally and emotionally” towards the end, the former Chelsea boss claimed. He praised the opposition’s goalkeeper Simon Mignolet who did a lot to stop them from scoring during the duel.

Mourinho insisted that the team would have won the game with few more minutes as the intensity towards the last minutes were seriously in their favour. He said that the Liverpool team would be okay with their performances even though they would be hurt that they lost their edge towards the end of the game.