Roy Keane talks about what Manchester United needs to succeed

Roy Keane used to perform with Manchester United starting from 1993 until 2005, during this period of time; the Irishman was able to win a multitude of competitions including the Premier League and the Champions League as well as a few other pieces of silverware.

According to Keane, the current squad of Manchester United is nowhere close of winning the Premier League title as the Irishman has recently talked about the current situation of his former club and what he thinks that they need to do in order to start winning competitions on a consistent basis.

“If they are going to recruit again then whatever about good players, what United need is two or three characters so on their bad days they’re able to grind out results. Chelsea will be stronger next year, Arsenal, and Man City too with their new manager. It’s not going to get any easier. I don’t think they have enough characters in that team to get them back into winning league titles.” Roy Keane said as he voiced his thoughts about what Manchester United needs in order to become one of the elite clubs of Europe.

Manchester United was knocked out from the Champions League on December of 2015 after losing against Wolfsburg with a final scoreboard of 3-2 in favor of the German club and after having played 6 matches, Manchester United was only able to secure 8 points which left them in the 3rd spot of Group B and it wasn’t enough for them to secure their place past the group stages of the Champions League.

After being knocked out from the Champions League, Roy Keane later went on saying that Manchester United do not have any special player and this is one of the things which they need to improve according to the assistant manager of Republic of Ireland.