The BIG match

We could win the league, we could win a cup, we could win against every other club this season – but this is the one that matters: Liverpool v Man United. Win it, and we’ll be happy, we’ll sit pretty at the top of the prem, and we’ll even get to condemn LFC to the relegation zone for another week (and well off their perch!) Lose it, and, well, erm… let’s not think about that. Let’s get back to thinking about all those scousers who are going to be unhappy at work for the rest of the week!

Though they always give us a good game at Anfield, there is so much to be positive about: we’re coming off the back of a glowing performance, everyone important is fit, and we’re even scoring goals again.

As a special treat, we’ll be part of a special a live blog right here on this site, in association with – with live commentary, great banter, and hopefully, a good result!

You’ll be able to see the whole shebang at: