Wayne Rooney’s recent injury could mean that Dimitar Berbatov has to move to Fiorentina later than expected. Rooney received a gash to the thigh in a game against Fulham, when he collided with Hugo Rodallega and had to have the wound stitched-up under anaesthetic.

If the injury is bad enough, it will have affected Rooney’s muscle and could mean than he is out for longer than Sir Alex Ferguson’s predicted four weeks. It is for this reason that the club will have to assess Rooney’s condition before deciding whether to allow Berbatov to leave for Fiorentina or not.

The Italian club has made an offer of £5million, that they are confident will be taken by Manchester United. It would keep Berbatov for two years, in a package that is worth £3.2million and this has Fiorentina confident that they will succeed in their venture.

Viola fans will be hoping that they will soon be watching the Bulgarian forward play for their team, linking up with Jovetic – either on the television (after they’ve finished playing partypoker, obviously!) or at the stadio.

Berbatov is likely to also be hoping that he can make the move, as he is only the fourth-choice forward for United. He does not want to stay with this club if he is does not get the chance to play very often, which is what seems to be happening.

However if Rooney’s injury keeps him out of play for longer, United are likely to want to hang on to Berbatov for the time being. Keeping the latter player until the final year of his contract would cost the club around £4million. They will be hoping that this does not need to happen and that Rooney recovers quickly from this injury.